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"I just purchased the VitaCarry Advanced Pill Grinder from Solutions in Eatonton, GA...Your product is a real life saver on my hands"

"I discovered your company's product, VitaCarry, while visiting my parents in Tennessee last year. My father has terminal cancer, and my mother is his caregiver. I was searching online for a solution to their many sleepless nights spent worrying about when it was time for my Dad's next dose of one of his many, around-the-clock medicines. What we have found is that VitaCarry is not simply a compact medicine storage unit with a timer. Since my parents have had this product, their entire lives have been altered. Rather than live for the next dose of medicine, they simply carry it with them and let it do the work of reminding them when it is time for a dose or treatment. They no longer worry about whether he has missed or may miss a dose. It also serves to protect my Dad from a possible medication overdose since it is clear at a glance whether he has or has not taken a dose. It is a relief to me as well for them to have this solution to his medication needs. - Thank you for a wonderful product and equally fantastic customer service!"

"Guess have made my morning. Now grandpa can push all the buttons must be a young person...all these new things are really something for us oldies. it sure is a wonderful product and i never miss my are a good girl...God bless you. (Advanced Pill Reminder)"

"Thought you'd like to see this email from a friend of mine whose daughter has been battling brain cancer since she was 17. She's now about 24 or so and needs to take a ton of meds...

I did leave the pill box you gave me out on the counter and Jessica immediately saw it and loved it (and took it). It is probably to small for all her meds for a full day, but she will probably use it to take a nights worth of stuff with her when she goes out for the evening. That is her endorsement of the design."

"Thank you so much for your quick response. I look forward to receiving the merchandise. It is the best little gadget ever and keeps me on time with my meds, which are many. I dropped it so many times I can't believe it didn't break into a million pieces. It is money well spent"

"I've been put to task by my mother to find a duplicate of her VitaCarry case. She had found a black Travel-Size VitaCarry product in a dusty corner of her local ShopRite. She took it home and quickly found that it was the very best pill organizer she's ever owned. It had retailed for approx $8 and was constructed out of black plastic. Unfortunately the store renovated shortly after and turned over most of its stock. She's unable to locate a duplicate of this case and she's enlisted the help of her daughters to scour the earth for these items. I see on your site that the Travel size and Pocket size VitaCarrys come in white. Is there any possibility that they are also offered in black.... anywhere? I know my mother would be very happy to purchase at least two of each case and I would be eternally grateful for any help you can offer."

"I received my vitacarry and am quite happy with it. Now if I can just get the company to send me the three I ordered I will be in great shape. They sent me three of the little replacement containers for the weekly system instead of the ones I had ordered. :-( What I am emailing about though is that I received another vitacarry today from your company. Imagine my surprise. LOL Later - after straightening that out! Whew thank goodness. :-)"

"I was in a really bad car accident that resulted in a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and also many other medical problems that required me to take a numerous amount pills at many different times of the day. I was having a difficult time keeping track of what to take when and at times I just did’t remember to take them, a result of the TBI. The VitaCarry my sister gave me has been a godsend!! My doctors have seen improvement in my health not to mention I feel much better. It’s really a very helpful tool in my healthcare. I even use the little PillCheck as an alarm clock when I travel!!"

"You guys are GREAT! Thank you!"

"This product sells by word of mouth better than any other product we have or have ever had. The power pill grinder became a staple best seller literally from the very first day. (Retailer comment) Hi Bob - will you be reviewing the Power Pill Grinder this month? >> Chris Gardner >> Variant Products Yes, I gave it five stars. You'll have permission to reprint or link it. >> Bob"

"As per our telephone conversation on 8-3-10, I am returning a defective pill grinder and wish to purchase another. As per your instructions, I will return the defective unit to the attention of "Jason."
Please replace the defective unit and send an additional one, for a total of two. They are for my in-laws who can no longer crush their own medicines. Please ship them as soon as possible. PS: Please send information on your product line, pricing, and availability, as I maintain a business in this region and may wish to sell your products."

"I recently acquired your VitaCarry® Pill Reminder with Timer for private use. It is an excellent tool and extremely useful for my husband as he needs to be very accurate about his medicine."