A Letter from the Director of eNNVOEA life

Historically, consumers in the medication/supplement adherence category have been largely disappointed to find a plethora of cheap and unattractive organizers for their critical pill management needs. Arguably, meany of these "solutions" have not evolved in decades.

Please join us in our revolution to change all that - consumers deserve products that are fresh and purposeful and where appropriate, incorporate technology when technology favorably improves the solution.

At eNNOVEA life, we are passionate about innovation, but it's not just about adherence. We are constantly developing, reviewing and seeking new ideas that deliver greater value to the end user. As our portfolio increases, you will begin to see more of our products expanding into other categories.

As the non-automotive division of Ernie Green Industries, we are a company with a rich history of more than three decades manufacturing goods with exacting standards for some of the most demanding customers on the planet. Nurtured by an entrepreneurial spirit and supported by extensive resources, those experiences are now uniquely positioned to support my role as Director to identify NEW innovative solutions that fit the goals and standards we've determined to be the eNNOVEA life brand. It's exciting to be a part and I hope to hear from you so that WE can deliver better products to the consumer through INNOVATION, TOGETHER.

Chris Gardner
Director of Business & Product Development

eNNOVEA, LLC. is a privately held Ohio corporation. To learn more about our company, please visit our main website at www.ennovea.com